Over 200 000 working hours are tracked and invoiced using TimeProject

  • 24/7 access from anywhere
  • Support in English and German
  • SSL connection to the service

Free version

  • Totally free FOREVER
  • 3 Active users
  • 5 Active clients
  • 10 Active project

Virtual tour

  • Fully functional
  • Exact replica of real system
  • Any access level
  • No registration

Management system

  • Complete information management system
  • Budget estimation
  • Profit forecasting
  • Resource tracking

Server in Switzerland

  • Data located on openbox-ict.com server in Switzerland, Zurich
  • Fast automatic swiching on reserve server without data loss
  • Hourly backup on any subscription

Features shortlist

Time tracking

Time Project offers a powerful and useful system of time-tracking. Time-tracking allows to record time spent on tasks. This tool may be useful in many sectors of service and/or production.



Time Project offers to implement a flexitime working schedule. Flexitime, in contrast to standard working time, allows employees to determine the working schedule they would like to follow.


Master data management

Time Project offers a structure for storing the expenses of your company. Typically in all projects two types of expenses are used which affect the cost for the client. The expenses are divided into groups: external, which are intended to register direct material cost, and internal, which structure...


Expense management

All company master data in a one place. Organize your clients, manage your project, build your staff in Time Project!



Time Project offers a wide range of tools for project management and analyzing from simple work time accounting and expenses counting to complex financial reports. For example, the analysis of productivity and profitability or monitoring the implementation of the budget in live mode.

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What does TimeProject offer?

SSL Security

  • Secure connection with HTTPS
  • 128-bit SSL certificate
  • Go Daddy Secure Certification Authority

PDF/CSV export

  • Export of all data in format what You like
  • Work with Your data in the file to make additional calculations
  • Print or send data as complete report/document

Comfortable work in any part of the world

  • Switch to your time zone
  • View time always in Your time zone
  • Schedule emails according to Your time zone

Scheduled reports

  • Define any data review as scheduled report
  • Make Your own schedule for each type of report separately
  • Get Your scheduled reports by email in time

System requirements

  • Just an Internet connection and a modern browser
  • Sign up for free!
  • Use it!

Endless FREE version

  • 3 Active users
  • 5 Active clients
  • 10 Open project
  • Totally free for unlimited time period

Best for Bussiness startup

  • Track and analyze your labor and material expenses
  • Follow Your turnover
  • Get project contribution

Perfect for Enterprise optimization

  • Monitor labor productivity
  • Research project/department profitability
  • Follow budget performance

Safe data and web server

  • Operating server located on openbox-ict.com in Switzerland, Zurich
  • Fast automatic swiching on mirror server without data loss
  • Mirror server is located in Tallinn, Estonia
  • Hourly backup on any subscription


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